Semalt Introduces Facebook Virus That You Have To Be Afraid Of

If you have accidentally received a message from MySpace or Facebook that your account is exposed to the viruses, it may be the Koobface that came through emails sent to you via a friend. Such fake friends invite people to social media and ask them to view their specific videos or pictures. Jason Adler, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, warns that once you click their URL, your computer is likely to be infected by Koobface.

What is Koobface virus?

A Koobface virus penetrates your computer device through the Flash player once you view the suspicious videos. Later on, the virus attacks different files of your computer system and transforms into a dangerous worm, followed by the arrival of botnets.

This network worm attacks Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows platforms in a significant number. Its primary targets are Skype, Yahoo Messanger, MySpace and Facebook users, but the virus sometimes attacks websites and emails IDs belonging to Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Gmail.

If you receive a suspicious email where you are asked to view a particular video, and you don't know anything about the sender, you are requested to delete that email right away and don't click their links at any cost. Technology experts claim that the Koobface virus has infected hundreds to thousands of computer devices so far. It is shown up in the form of fake pop-up windows and uses built-in programs to attack your devices.

According to the McAfee Security, the Koobface viruses prompt downloadable products to your computer system and try to lure you in some ways. The name of its service is Security Accounts Manager who gets loaded on your device and steal the sensitive information, hijacking your passwords and website username.

Avoid this mess

It is important to prevent this mess, and that's possible only when you stay away from the suspicious emails and their attachments. You should never click the videos that are sent to your mailbox by some Facebook friends. Koobface attacks mainly come in the form of emails entitled, "you should keep yourself away from me," "what the hell is this," and so on. It is important to close the window or delete those suspicious emails as they have nothing to do with reality. If you receive such an email, it is a clear indication that a zombie has attacked your computer or social media profile.

Follow Facebook policies

Facebook posts dozens of tips and instructions about how to get rid of Koobface viruses. Despite installing antivirus programs, you need to change your social media settings. It is important to hide your Facebook ID and don't get it searched by the search engines.

According to an estimate, this virus has infected over 110 million Facebook accounts so far, and the social media site won a $870 lawsuit against the people blamed for attacking the users' accounts and creating a mess on the internet. This virus has hacked numerous user accounts by penetrating in their emails and social media profiles. It can even commandeer your search engine results and directs you to the contaminated sites.